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Investment Solutions Officer, FaithInvest

at FaithInvest in Flexible, Preference for UK / Europe

About the Job

Investment Solutions Officers are responsible for finding potential Members – faith-based asset owning institutions - bringing them on-board, deeply understanding their investment policies, practises, portfolios and organisational needs, and integrating them into the FaithInvest network. This person will regularly be interacting with investment professionals and CIO level personnel

Investment Solutions Officers report to the Investment Solutions Director.

The Officer will have responsibility for:

Supporting the Investment Solutions Director in understanding members and curating interactions within the FaithInvest network:

  • Collecting and maintaining key information about members - including current investment portfolios, organization structure (including board and governance structures), key priorities and focus areas
  • Creating a strong relational link between each member and FaithInvest, regularly interacting to keep up-to-date with each member’s operations and encouraging formation of and participation in relevant working groups and other FaithInvest initiatives
  • Identifying members’ common areas of focus for Research and Development
  • Understanding each members’ specific capabilities and leveraging those for the benefit of others in the network
  • Interact one on one through calls/meetings and through the Member Portal

Executing the membership drive:

  • Reaching out, engaging with and presenting the benefits of FaithInvest to potential members
  • Leveraging FaithInvest connections in order to initiate conversations with potential members
  • Leveraging partner organisations, in conjunction with the Membership Director, in order to further drive membership and increase the visibility of FaithInvest
  • Recruiting new members from new sources, engaging in research and outreach into the Asset Management industry (managers, consultants, intermediaries), in conjunction with the

    Membership Director

  • Support Faith Based Asset Owner landscape mapping (money market directory)

    Helping to deliver member services and the implementation of the membership programme:

  • Advocating for Members’ needs so that they are understood and prioritized
  • Actively use knowledge gained from Member interactions to create content and ideas for the Member Portal, white papers and financial press articles.



Ideally the Officer will have demonstrable capabilities in:

  • Engaging asset owners and developing understanding of their portfolios and needs
  • Quickly assimilate the leading-edge concepts of today’s faith and ethics-based investing
  • Engaging with asset managers and commercial investment professionals
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to the role that core role faith, beliefs and values hold in faith based asset owners’ approach to their investments
  • Collaborating effectively with people and teams of many faiths and cultures


We welcome candidates who can demonstrate an investment background either through education or experience.

Ideally the Officer will have:

  • Client Service and Sales experience (preferably in the investment industry)

    Experience with sophisticated clients with broad challenges and exposure to more technical client service roles would be helpful.

  • Investments knowledge

    Broad knowledge across multiple asset classes focused on integration of ESG, faith values and impact investments are a big plus. Understanding of asset owner needs and processes would be very helpful.

  • Knowledge of faith-based asset owners
  • Personal interest in and commitment to faith and values based investing

To apply

To apply please send your CV to Please quote 'Investment Solutions Officer' in the subject line.


FaithInvest helps religious groups to invest in line with their values.

We support the rapidly growing movement of faiths actively using their investments to create a better world – for people and planet.

FaithInvest is an international, not-for-profit membership organisation for religious groups and faith-based institutional investors. Our aim is to grow the scale and impact of faith-consistent, values-driven investing worldwide.

The world's faiths have billions of dollars invested in the global stock markets, across all asset classes. We empower religious asset owners to align their investments with their faith values, for the benefit of people and planet.

We do this by providing:

a NETWORK for faith-based investors

a SOURCE of education, exchange and collaboration

a PLATFORM for investment ideas, opportunities and concepts

a VOICE for the faiths and values-driven investors.