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Entrepreneur Support Organization Coach

at Mudita InSite (in partnership with the Dutch Good Growth Fund) in Remote / Sudan

About the Job

Assignment objective and scope

Problem Statement

In the nascent Sudanese entrepreneurial ecosystem, the rate of business discontinuation stands at 17% - the highest in all GEM-surveyed countries. With 24% youth unemployment and 0% of the population able to access credit registries, access to youth entrepreneurial finance is in perilous straights. However, with a 61% literacy rate and 76% mobile phone penetration rate, Sudan maintains a well-educated constituency with large opportunities for creative market disruption. Nonetheless, the country is in a state of broad transition after recent political revolution, national currency flotation, and newly lifted international sanctions. Here, the potential for international investment, new markets, talent retention, and entrepreneur celebration are standing against the risk of hyperinflation, opaque and frequently changing policy and taxation statues, and the ongoing threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. A leading entrepreneur support organization is in need to facilitate the uncertain but optimistic future for young Sudanese entrepreneurs.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of DGGF’s support is to help 249 Startups’s team with strengthening their:

  • positioning in the ecosystem,
  • service offering to entrepreneurs,
  • business model
  • Governance Model/System to Manage Innovation Hub
  • Developing Internal policies and regulations framework as they expand their presence beyond the urban capital center of Khartoum to Nyala in the Darfur state.

Approach & deliverables

it is suggested that the mentoring of 249 Startups consists of the following activities and deliverables:

  1. Off-site Orientation (estimate 2-3 weeks)
    • Off-site kick-off between the mentor and 249 Startups team to align expectations, timelines and dedication.
    • Off-site orientation of current status of:

(a) The Sudanese entrepreneur ecosystem (focused update from YEFP Sudan) and 249 Startups’s positioning/value proposition incl. partnerships with a focus on Nyala in the Darfur state

(b) 249 Startups target clients and service offering

(c) 249 Startups business model (activities, partnerships, revenue streams, key resources and cost structure)

  • Draft write-up of 249 Startups SWOT (or similar assessment complimentary to that previously done in YEFP Suden)
  1. On-site (estimate 1-2 weeks)
    • On-site visit of 249 Startups team, client enterprises and ecosystem stakeholders (with a focus on 249 Startups’s current and potential partners) to validate findings & conclusions from activity 1
    • Team sessions to discuss findings and introduce ideas and best practices in line with SWOT on:

(a) Positioning: refining 249 Startups’s unique value proposition and key partnerships

(b) Target entrepreneurs and service offering: addressing target entrepreneurs’ needs with value adding services

(c) Business model with a focus on:

cost structure and revenue streams, key resources incl. HR (roles & responsibilities, organogram, FTE dedication & growth, training needs) and processes & administration (enterprise screening (ESG), selection, program evaluations, (impact) monitoring).

  • Outline action plan for 249 Startups team to refine their business model and implementation plan.
  1. Off-site support, (estimate 3-6 weeks)

    • The 249 Startups team will derive a business model and implementation plan.
    • The mentor will be on stand-by to provide feedback & suggestions as the team develop these items.
  2. IF NEEDED: On-site coaching (estimate 1 week) On-site visit of 249 Startups team to shadow them in implementing their new model and plan.

  3. Off-site wrap-up (estimate 1-2 weeks)

    • Final submission of business model and implementation plan with other relevant documents developed by the team.
    • Final write-up of mentor on their assessment of the process, team and key points of focus moving forward. The estimated timeline of support is 3 months with a time dedication from the mentor of approximately 25 days. On the basis of this outline, a ToR will be finalized together with 249 Startups. This ToR will be shared with the pre-identified consultant(s) to develop a more detailed technical and financial proposal for implementation.

To apply

The consultant is requested to provide:

  • A technical proposal detailing their interpretation of the assignment and the anticipated activities, timeline and deliverables in response to the approach outlined above
  • A financial proposal detailing their cost structure for the implementation of the assignment

The language for submission must be in English.

The consultant is expected to send his/her proposal to Zach Kolp at by July 9, 2021 11:59pm (CET).

Mudita InSite (in partnership with the Dutch Good Growth Fund)

Introduction to the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF)

The Dutch Good Growth Fund/financing local SMEs is a “fund of fund” investment initiative from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that aims to improve financing for the “missing middle” – i.e. local enterprises who have outgrown micro-finance but do not yet have access to conventional capital markets – in 70 countries.

The Seed Capital and Business Development (SC&BD) program is established to further the impact of the DGGF by providing technical assistance, seed capital and business support services to financial intermediaries and local small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). As part of the SCBD program, local accelerators and incubators are supported to provide quality capacity-building services to young and first-time entrepreneurs in a sustainable way.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Finance Program (YEFP) is a DGGF’s SC&BD pilot initiative designed to deepen the understanding of young1 entrepreneurs’ characteristics, needs and challenges, and the local ecosystem supporting them; identify and/or nurture local financing and support initiatives that target young entrepreneurs to benefit from capacity building and funding from DGGF; and build a linking & learning network of youth entrepreneurship finance and support providers across countries and regions.

Introduction to Mudita InSite

Mudita InSite (MIS) is a boutique consulting firm providing pre-investment support solutions to alternative asset fund managers & post-investment support solutions to enterprises scaling-up. Delivering a suite of executive development and people analytics products and services, MIS drives founders and investors alike to more efficiently capture milestones by catalyzing data-driven team insights. MIS is the implementation partner for DGGF’s YEFP.