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Non Executive Director

at Educate Global in Port Louis, Mauritius

About the Job

You take the role of NED registered as Director with the Financial Service Commission (FSC) in Mauritius. Non-Executive Directors typically have the same general legal responsibilities to the Company as any other director.

As members of the Board, all directors are required to:

  • Provide entrepreneurial leadership of the Company within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed.
  • Set the Company's strategic aims, ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the company to meet its objectives, and review management performance.
  • Set the Company's values and standards and ensure that its obligations to its Association Members and others are understood and met.

The Board as a whole is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the Company by directing the company's affairs. In addition to these requirements for all directors, the non-executive directors are expected constructively to challenge and help develop strategy, to participate actively in the decision- making process of the Board, and to scrutinise the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives.

The NED function includes:

  1. Having independent oversight for governance matters on the Board of Educate Global Limited (the investment manager); and
  2. Reporting to the Directors in respect of that responsibility;
  3. Ensuring compliance with the rules set out in Conduct of Business, Collective Investment Schemes, and Client Assets related operations.

Your key responsibilities as NED are:

  • Strategy. Non-Executive Directors should constructively challenge and help develop proposals on strategy.
  • Performance. Non-Executive Directors should scrutinise the performance of management in meeting agreed goals and objectives and monitor the reporting of performance.
  • Risk. Non-Executive Directors should satisfy themselves on the integrity of financial information and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.
  • People. Non-Executive Directors are contributing towards determining appropriate levels of remuneration of directors / senior investment team members, and ensuring appropriate performance & talent management.

The NED function is the function of acting in the capacity of:

  1. a director registered with FSC in Mauritius.
  2. Non-Executive Directors may be asked by the Board to serve on one or more of the board committees. If appointed to a board committee, Non-Executive Directors will be advised of the committee terms of reference, and any specific additional responsibilities involved.
  3. Non-Executive Directors may be invited to serve on executive forums and panels from time to time.


Governance, Investment experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, Sector experience in Food, Health and Education, Tax expertise.

Educate Global

Educate Global makes private equity investments in for-profit businesses with a direct impact on the educational outcomes of children and young people, initially within the East African region. Our cross-sector approach to investment drives private capital into five high-growth industries which directly support education delivery: Health, Nutrition, and Education. We typically invest between $5m to $10m in capital, bringing operational and management experience that enables our companies to achieve their ambitious goals. We look for investee companies with the potential to scale to become “regional champions”, with the right intangible assets to grow and endure.

Our local team works side-by-side with our portfolio companies, applying their on-the-ground knowledge and experience to build profitable expansion strategies, to strengthen capabilities and to improve performance.

In this way, we are able to secure competitive returns for our investors, whilst delivering long-term impact on educational outcomes, improving the effectiveness of existing government funding and creating quality local employment opportunities for women and young people.

Educate Global is managing a new fund, the Education Enabler Fund 1, with a target fund size of $100 million closing in Q4 2021, and in addition the team is presently completing $45m co-investments across Equity, Mezzanine and Senior Debt across two deals.

Educate Global is looking to add 2 Investment Principals to join an existing investment team consisting of 4 Partners and 1 Associate, and is delighted to start taking expressions of interests.

Application deadline to submit your resume & cover letter before June 30, 2021. If you would like to enquire about opportunities to work with Educate Global, please email: