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at ALIVE Ventures in Global

About the Job

Acumen LatAm Impact Ventures - ALIVE - is seeking a part time Impact and Knowledge Sharing consultant to join its team and have the unique opportunity to measure, understand and share the impact of a newly raised private equity impact fund. Visit our website for more information.

Impact and Gender at ALIVE

ALIVE invests in purpose driven companies that are positively impacting the lives of low-income communities across Latin America. These companies have impact at their core – their very business model seek to provide critical goods and services for these communities. At the same time, they seek to proactively address gender discrimination both within their workforces as well as with their suppliers and customers.

These companies include agribusinesses that secure high quality supply by forging long-term, equitable relationships with farmers, companies that deliver clean energy to rural communities, companies that provide high quality and affordable training to young adults, and companies that seek to place unemployed people in formal jobs. See our website for a detailed description of our portfolio.

To understand and measure its impact, ALIVE has adopted a framework developed by Acumen which considers three dimensions:

Breadth – the number of lives impacted. This is the standard and often sole measure of impact for most impact funds. Depth – the quantitative and qualitative improvement in the quality of life of beneficiaries. Demographic focus – the socio-economic profile of the communities benefited.

To measure impact, ALIVE has partnered with 60_decibels, a leading impact measurement consultancy, to perform Lean Data studies across our portfolio. Lean Data are survey-based studies that provide a unique understand on demographics of the beneficiaries and the depth of impact. These studies also provide ALIVE’s investees with valuable information to improve their performance and impact. As part of its partnership with 60_decibels, ALIVE will be conducting these studies for every company in the portfolio, at the moment of initial investment, mid-way through the investment and at exit, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of our overall impact.

As a manager, ALIVE apply a gender lens from beginning to exit, investing only in companies that are committed to working towards gender equality, and closely supporting them along the way. Please refer to ALIVE’s December newsletter and podcast for a detailed examination of its gender approach. To develop and execute tailored made plans for each company, ALIVE has partnered with Value for Women.

As part of its commitment to increasing knowledge about impact investing in Latin America, ALIVE will be sharing impact and gender insights with its LPs and with the broader community, at a minimum via its web page and quarterly newsletter. Other channels may include placements articles in specialized media and/or an annual impact and gender report (TBD).

To support its gender and impact measurement work, ALIVE has raise a $1.1 million Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), which will also provide funding for strategic business development projects for its portfolio companies.


As Impact and Knowledge Sharing Consultant, you will play a key role in i) supporting the execution of all lean data and gender projects; ii) analyzing and synthesizing the learnings from these projects; and iii). creating engaging content to disseminate learnings to ALIVE’s key audiences;

More specifically, you will:

Support the execution of lean data projects executed by 60-decibels and gender projects executed by Value for Women:

  • Support ALIVE team in defining scope of each project
  • Ensure close coordination between ALIVE team, portfolio company and consultants to ensure smooth project execution
  • Monitor execution and suggest corrective measures, if required
  • Review and provide feedback on project reports

Analyze and synthesize the learnings from the projects and create engaging content to disseminate learnings:

  • At onset: Propose a strategy to disseminate learnings to key audiences, particularly ALIVE’s Limited Partners and future potential investors, prioritizing mix of channels which will include at a minimum ALIVE’s web page and quarterly newsletter, but may include placements in specialized media, annual impact and gender report or other channels.
  • Ongoing: Produce quarterly summaries of the fund’s impact and gender work to be included in the web page and newsletter and produce content for an annual impact and gender report (if prioritized). As required, produce one-off pieces highlighting ALIVE’s impact and gender work, to be sent via email or placed in specialized media

Support operation of the TAF

  • Execute and document RFPs
  • Produce reports for funders

To apply

ALIVE Ventures

ALIVE is a new type of Latin American fund manager. A fund manager that places impact at centerstage, measuring impact using a data-driven approach not only counting the number of lives impacted, but more importantly how those lives are being transformed. A fund manager that incorporates gender-lens investing every step of the way, from origination to post-investment management. A fund manager that seeks to build a vibrant community of like-minded investors that truly care about impact and learning. A fund manager that seeks to grow the impact investing space in Latin America by collaborating and sharing knowledge broadly. And finally, but equally important, a fund manager that seeks to provide attractive, risk adjusted returns to its investors.

ALIVE invests in impact-driven early growth companies in Latin America, with a focus on Colombia and Peru. These are companies that have profitable business models and require capital to grow. ALIVE provides them with equity or mezzanine financing to achieve their growth objectives.