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PROJECT MANAGER, FOAK Climate Infrastructure Deployment

at Prime Coalition in United States

About the Job

The Project Manager will identify and implement a new project finance strategy for first-of-a-kind (“FOAK”) deployments of breakthrough climate and energy technologies. The sponsor of this position is Prime Coalition, a high impact, cutting-edge non-profit organization focused on mitigating climate change through catalytic investment. This is an opportunity to help build a precedent-setting organization that stands to unleash the power of financial markets for social benefit.

Prime Coalition has successfully designed new financing structures that enable risk-embracing catalytic capital (including from foundations, families, and individuals) to address the early-stage innovation financing gap. Meanwhile, securing financing for first-of-a-kind commercial-scale projects remains a significant barrier for commercialization of new technology. During an initial 12-month exploratory project, the Project Manager will deliver two written studies that assess the feasibility of leveraging catalytic capital for FOAK projects, as well complete a proof-of-concept pilot investment. The Project Manager will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with Prime’s partnerships team (which works to mobilize catalytic capital), Prime’s investment team (which makes and supports early-stage venture capital investments), the project grantors (which include leading funders in the sector), and an advisory group of leading investors and entrepreneurs to characterize the FOAK project finance capital gap and create solutions to help fill it. Pending successful project outcomes and strategic fit for Prime, the Project Manager will lead the effort to stand up a new catalytic project finance vehicle with substantial capital under management.

Job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Feasibility study

  • Recruit and manage relationships with a large group of project advisors who include leading investors and executives in the sector
  • Set geographic/industry/technology stage scope for the project
  • Conduct a historical assessment of approaches that have attempted to address this financing gap over the past 10-20 years
  • Conduct a current needs assessment in light of other public and private investors in the same stage
  • Map out specific structured finance options that address the current needs and well characterized gaps
  • Work closely with Prime staff to explore fit with Prime or other organizations to advance beyond this exploratory phase

Proof-of-concept pilot investment

  • Work hand-in-hand with Prime’s advisors and investment team to landscape salient projects
  • Identify a project for funding suitable in scale, scope, and timeline
  • Author an impact assessment, additionality assessment, and investment memo to make a strong case for proceeding with the pilot
  • Structure the investment and present a formal recommendation
  • Defend the recommendation to Prime’s Board of Directors
  • Pending approval, work with Prime’s existing catalytic capital partners to fundraise (“money in”) and execute the investment (“money out”)

Planning for potential Phase 2

  • Write the business plan for the optimal solution scenario identified during the feasibility study
  • Make early fundraising plan
  • Ideate corporate form concepts with Prime’s nonprofit and fund formation legal team(s)
  • Meet with early investors – catalytic and market-rate – that might anchor the vehicle
  • Map out all design, strategy, legal, and fundraising questions to make a plan for how and who will answer them over a reasonable period of time


Education & Experience

  • Fluency in a wide variety of climate/energy-relevant industry sectors required
  • 5-10 years professional experience with 2 or more years focused on project finance
  • Graduate degree in business, engineering, science, or another relevant field preferred
  • Operational experience in executing infrastructure projects preferred
  • 1-2 years in catalytic capital and/or philanthropy preferred
  • Familiarity with venture capital/private equity preferred
  • Proven ability to manage a complex project with many internal and external stakeholders
  • Proven ability to conduct best-in-class primary and secondary research
  • Experience in climate, energy, GHG accounting and/or other life cycle impact assessment indicators and/or sustainable investing preferred
  • Experience in fundraising preferred

Core Skills & Characteristics

  • Intrinsic, driving motivation to mitigate climate change
  • Persuasive to a variety of actors – investors, philanthropists, finance professionals, etc
  • Ability to work independently and navigate ambiguity
  • Ability to listen to teammates and synthesize solutions
  • Ability to speak truth to power and say “no” with tact
  • Well-organized, detail oriented, methodical, strong time management skills
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Curious learner with eagerness to grow
  • A passion for excellence
  • A good sense of humor
  • Empathic and humble

To apply

Email resume and cover letter to with the subject "FOAK Project Manager"

Prime Coalition

Prime Coalition (“Prime”) is a 501c3 public charity that partners with philanthropists to invest catalytic capital in extraordinary companies that combat climate change, have a high likelihood of achieving commercial success, and are otherwise unlikely to be sufficiently supported. Our goal is to encourage as many philanthropists as possible to join our tribe, including foundations, donor-advised funds, individuals, corporations and grantmaking public charities.

Prime's long-term success will be measured by our portfolio companies’ impact on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. In the short-term, our success is defined by key performance indicators such as the number of first-time philanthropic investors and first-time climate grantors we mobilize. We run three core programs to accomplish our goals:

  1. building and supporting Prime's catalytic investments
  2. catalyzing climate investing broadly
  3. sharing our lessons learned about philanthropic investing

While climate change mitigation is our exclusive cause area and early-stage innovation is the intervention lever we pull to address it, we believe our approach to philanthropic investment holds promise in many cause verticals and to address a variety capital gaps in the global financial sector. We aspire to set a precedent of excellence in catalytic capital investing that will inspire an entire marketplace of charitable asset owners and intermediaries within our lifetime.