As part of the GIIN’s mission to accelerate the scale and effectiveness of impact investing, we publish job openings from members of the GIIN Investors’ Council and other impact investing leaders.

Manager, Impact Investments & Social Venture Development

at Ohio University-Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs in Athens, Ohio USA

About the Job

The position has an executive co-leadership role in planning, engaging participants in, approving deal flow for, and implementing the formation of a regional 13-county, two-state impact investment fund. The position co-creates and participates in fund participant recruitment. The position oversees provision of high level intensive operational and venture development services and guidance to technology-based companies and entrepreneurs to assist in securing resources for commercialization success. The position leads and manages teams for due diligence of potential investments and provides overall fund/portfolio management.

The ideal candidate will have expertise in all aspects of venture development, investment and commercialization, particularly as it relates to start-up ventures in both technical and social enterprise sectors. Analytical and problem solving skills, strong ability to communicate and persuade/influence others. Management skills and organization skills are critical. Comprehensive knowledge of deal terms and deal structure of various investment vehicles; strong negotiation skills; knowledge of investment principles, valuation methodologies for fund management with strong financial experience. Understanding and experience in enterprises with both proven social impact and financial stability.

Duties include:

  1. With key regional and cross-state partners, co-create a regional impact investment fund, including—
    • Advising multi-partner, senior executive Impact Investment Group members on fund design
    • Recruitment of participating fund members from philanthropic and investment communities
    • With executive team, reporting to senior administration, funders, and other external partners regarding fund formation and impact.
  2. Oversee, with collaboration of the external partner Impact Investment Group, the implementation of the fund, including but not limited to—
    • Fund organizational formation – size, duration, and goals
    • Fund process creation – committee framework, deal flow assessment
    • Fund internal implementation procedures – policies and procedures; process management
  3. Manage the deal flow development, preparation and investment process, including—
    • Assessing quality of incoming deal flow and identifying impact investment-track clients
    • Overseeing and participating in preparation for fund presentations
    • Administering fund deal flow assessment, including due diligence processes
    • Overseeing and participating in portfolio client oversight and continued wrap-around services to clients.
  4. Expert leadership advisory services—
    • On the basis of prior experience in similar circumstances, advise program leadership, internal and external, on Fund formation and ongoing success as compared to other funds
    • Supervise and guide the activities of the program staff.
    • Other duties as needed/as appropriate


At least a Master’s degree in a business or social services related discipline AND at least six (6) years of management experience. Previous administrative leadership experience.
Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills, analytic abilities, and detailed orientation. Strong written and oral communication skills essential.
Driver’s license, ability to travel, ability to work evenings and weekends.
Reliable home Internet in the event of need to work remotely.

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