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Country Investment Manager, Rwanda

at Missio Invest in Kigali, Rwanda

About the Job

Missio Invest is looking for an investment professional with experience in lending to agribusinesses and financial institutions to be our Country Investment Manager for Rwanda. Missio Invest provides the patient capital, business advisory and technical assistance needed to unlock the potential of Church-owned and affiliated agribusinesses and financial institutions, fueling their capacity to create long-term economic, social and environmental impact.

The Country Investment Manager is a key role across the Missio Invest team. The role will be home office based in Rwanda but will include travel to projects across Rwanda as well as remote collaboration with Missio Invest’s team members in Nairobi, other African countries, and New York. The contracting mechanism will be one of a long-term consultant, ideally contracted through an independently registered consulting firm.

The Country Investment Manager’s primary functions are to provide agribusiness and financial institution assessments of loan candidates, prepare all loan approval documentation to be presented to Missio Invest’s Investment Committee, provide on-going business support to portfolio businesses, and establish procedures for monitoring and evaluation of loan recipients. Dual fluency in English and French is required. Key responsibilities and required skills are detailed below:

  1. Evaluation of Investment Candidates
    • Collaborate with Missio Invest management to establish investment criteria and to refine the loan evaluation and underwriting processes
    • Review investment candidates’ business plans and shortlist viable projects
    • Visit shortlisted enterprises to assess agricultural and financial feasibility as well as management and operational competencies
    • Provide detailed feedback to farm managers as well as Missio Invest, including recommendations for project development and technical assistance as needed
    • Prepare project assessment reports providing recommendations on projects’ loan worthiness as well as investment structures and terms
  2. Portfolio Management
    • Once the Rwanda portfolio has been established, visit current investees in Rwanda, review financials and other reports to assess project status, risks, likelihood of timely loan repayment
    • Provide recommendations on problem solving, risk mitigation, and project development; work with farm managers to implement recommendations
    • Provide recommendations on investment restructuring as needed
    • Synthesize best practices and lessons learned from investee successes and failures; summarize these findings for Missio Invest and promote sharing of best practices among investees and investment candidates
  3. Establishing Procedures for Monitoring & Evaluation of Investees
    • Collaborate with Missio Invest’s Portfolio Management Team to assess current financial and social impact record keeping and reporting capabilities among investees; identify gaps and develop solutions to address these gaps
    • Collaborate with the Portfolio Management Team to develop processes for obtaining monthly financial and quarterly social impact reports
    • Contribute to the creation of reporting templates that can be utilized by loan recipients
    • Collaborate with the Portfolio Management Team to create an implementation plan for rolling out quarterly reporting procedures among investees, as well as for explaining reporting protocols to future investees
  4. Provide general advisory and recommendations for Missio Invest on investment candidates’ skills gaps, technical assistance needs, project-specific or portfolio-level risks, or other topics as appropriate

The Country Investment Manager reports to Missio Invest’s Managing Director/Chief Lending Officer with matrixed reporting to Vice President, Lending. The position will collaborate with Missio Invest’s Country Investment Managers (Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana) and other team members as Missio Invest’s country presence grows. The Country Investment Manager will also provide regular updates to Missio Invest’s partner in Kigali – The National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies, Rwanda.


  • Minimum 7-10 years’ experience in agricultural lending, either at a financial institution (writing loans to agribusinesses) or development organization
  • Experience working in Sub-Saharan Africa, preferably for agricultural investors, financial institutions, and/or commercial agribusinesses
  • Experience with business plans and forecasts including strong analytical skills to review, assess and understand plan assumptions, forecasts, risks
  • Experienced accounting and financial analysis for agribusinesses; credit evaluation
  • Experience in or exposure to measurement of social and environmental impact
  • Critical thinking and judgement – ability to make independent decisions
  • Willingness and ability to travel across Africa with periodic trips to United States
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in agribusiness, business, economics or accounting (Post graduate degree preferred)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Written and oral proficiency in English; proficiency in French is preferred
  • Commitment to the core mission and values of Missio Invest
  • Good working knowledge of the presence and structure of the Catholic Church
  • Authorization to work in Rwanda is required

To apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to

Missio Invest

Established in 2014, Missio Invest is a social impact investor with an initial focus on agribusiness and financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Launched by the Vatican’s Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States, Missio Invest leverages the resources of the global Catholic Church to create a scalable model for driving measurable impact in community and environmental well-being. Missio Invest has developed a unique model to drive change via the Church’s vast network of existing social service organizations, the land attached to those organizations, and the people who run them.

Vast Potential – The Catholic Church operates:

  • 25% of the world’s healthcare facilities
  • 7,300+ health facilities and 45,000+ primary schools in Africa alone
  • Hundreds of local financial institutions serving the poor and vulnerable

Missio Invest leverages this potential by:

  • Providing Church-owned farms with: investment capital, training and technical to modernize and expand, improving food security, supporting local jobs, and generating sustainable income to expand investees’ existing social institutions
  • Providing Church-affiliated financial institutions with: investment and assistance to expand offerings to underserved groups

To date, Missio Invest has issued $4 million in loans to 36 projects in six countries and has a pipeline of over 200 loan candidates across 15+ countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.