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FRONT END ENGINEER - Train disadvantaged youth to become world-class software developers in Madagascar, Africa

at Onja in Madagascar, Africa

About the Job

We’ve brought together some of Madagascar’s most talented and inspiring students who can’t afford to continue their education and whose talent would otherwise be wasted in low paying, unfulfilling jobs.

With your help they will have amazing futures – they’ll become professional software developers and begin exciting careers that will open them up to a whole new world of possibilities. They’ll be able to support themselves, their families and pay-forward the opportunity to more students (see ‘How Onja Works’ below).

Selected from over 250,000 of their peers, students are very bright and thirsty for knowledge. Having started with virtually no English knowledge, they are (amazingly) already intermediate English speakers after just six months. Within a few more months they will attain an advanced English level and be ready for their next challenge: software development.

Your mission is to create and deliver an intensive front-end web development course that will provide students with the skills they need for their future careers. This is a crucial role to our organisation. You will be setting the foundations not just for this first class but the waves of students that will follow in future years.

Onja’s campus is located in Mahanoro, a peaceful beach town on Madagascar's East Coast. The school has the feel of a nature retreat: a little out of town, on the beach, and surrounded by beautiful forest.


  • Must commit for the full duration of the software development course (12 to 14 months).
  • Ideally, we are looking for someone who has professional experience as a front end developer.
  • Important languages/technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React (or other JavaScript frameworks) as well as CSS preprocessors and frameworks.
  • Ideally you will also have some exposure to some back-end technologies and languages.
  • You should have a strong understanding of Computer science fundamentals.
  • We are looking for someone with a real desire to share their knowledge however teaching experience is not necessary – Mitantsoa, our qualified English teacher, can give you a crash course in teaching, and will be there to support you.

  • You’ll join our tight-knit, committed team in Mahanoro, Madagascar.
  • We will look after you! We’ll help you find accommodation (probably beach front) that work best for you, and make sure you are secure and settled.
  • We are able to offer a good monthly stipend – enough to reimburse your flights (you will need to purchase your own flights), live comfortably and have plenty left over for weekend trips!
  • You will enjoy a truly Malagasy experience. Mahanoro is far from the tourist trail and our team is predominantly Malagasy. We’ll provide optional weekly lessons to bring you up to speed with the language.
  • We will arrange your visa.

Start date
We would like you to join us as soon as possible however the visa process usually takes between 1 and 2 months to complete.

How Onja Works

  • Onja is a non profit organisation with a three-step sustainable model:
    Search for brilliant minds who would otherwise be limited to low-paid, unfulfilling careers.
  • Students receive two years of English and software development instruction.
  • Graduates earn (and continue learning) at our outsourcing enterprise. All profits are used to train the next wave of students and the cycle begins again.


We teach capable youth to code and give life-changing work through a sustainable enterprise.