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Operations Associate

at Quona Capital in Washington, DC

About the Job

As a young firm, Quona is a rapidly growing, and the Operations Associate position offers an excellent opportunity to help build and shape the underlying systems, processes, and functioning of a young, successful, and fast-growing firm. A strong operations function is critical for the company to continue growing its portfolio and generating attractive returns for its investors. The Operations Associate will gain a deep working understanding of the structure and governance of investment funds, the broad fiduciary responsibilities of a fund manager to its investors (as well as regulators and other stakeholders), investment processes, venture capital fund reporting standards and best practices, and venture capital investment strategies. He or she will also gain extensive exposure to the high level decision making of investments (though his/her role supporting the fund investment committees) and will engage on a regular basis with the firm’s global professional investment team members, well-known global institutional investors, and Quona’s counterparts at Accion.

Areas of Responsibility

Deal Roster Meetings: Manage the firm’s weekly “deal roster” meeting in which all Quona team members participate (virtually) to discuss all existing and prospective investments. Role includes coordinating the meetings, setting/managing the agenda/invitations, generating SalesForce investment reports to support meeting discussions, and taking notes.
Fund Governance: (1) Manage the firm’s weekly meetings of the Investment Committee, the governing body that makes investment and divestment decisions for each fund. Role includes setting and managing agenda and invitations, taking and preparing minutes, and filing all meeting materials. Requires development of a deep knowledge of each investment, general venture capital investment terms/structures, and the fund’s governing documents. (2) Prepare for quarterly Limited Partner Advisory meetings by handling invitations, preparing meeting materials, and taking notes.
Fund/Entity Administration: Handle administration aspects of the firm’s funds and other entities (across different jurisdictions), including organizing entity legal documentation; updating structure charts; handling various regulatory filings; responding to ad hoc administrative information requests from investors, investees, and administrators; providing audit support; preparing informational supplements to capital calls and distribution notices; and coordinating with foreign administrators and legal counsel.
Investment Process: Manage software platform for tracking investments. Support investment process procedures development/refinement, help ensure process compliance, handle deal document management and investment file system structuring/compliance, support due diligence compliance and quality control, and follow up to ensure closing processes and filing are complete.
Investment Reporting: Manage production of quarterly and annual fund performance reports, overseeing regional and finance teams and ensuring compliance with the firm’s obligations to investors. Fulfill other reporting requirements as necessary. Place special attention on quality control, regularly checking for quality and accuracy of quantitative information (e.g., investment figures, dates, ownership, board seats) and qualitative information (e.g., market analysis, business descriptions, social impact descriptions, performance updates).
Investor Relations: Manage and fulfill ad hoc investor/reporting requests from investors, manage and fulfill prospective investor due diligence requests, and maintain updated offering materials and other materials about the firm and its investments.
Portfolio Information and Systems Management: Manage firm-wide portfolio investment information, ensuring quality control and enhancing systems/structure for more effective and efficient investment information and data management relating to deal sourcing, deals progressing in the investment process, investment diligence, investment closings, and post-investment portfolio companies, then utilizing data for performance reports, financial reports, other reports, and ad hoc information requests. Manage and oversee Quona’s CRM platform, operations/investment filing system, and other systems as needed.
Regulatory and Compliance Administration: Assist with the firm’s regulatory compliance strategy and carry out implementation of the compliance program. This includes carrying out of compliance trainings; annual compliance reviews; annual compliance filings; compliance policy updates/enhancements; know-your-customer and anti-money laundering (AML-KYC) checks on investees, investors, and employees; employee compliance onboarding training, annual employee compliance reports and disclosures, and other day-to-day aspects of Quona’s compliance program. (The firm works with a compliance advisor and is likely to shift many of these responsibilities to the advisor, but the Operations Associate would still help with that transition.)
Other: Support the Head of Operations in other areas as needed, and support the Finance Manager as needed, particularly in areas where financial management and reporting overlaps with investment information management and reporting. Contribute to firm-wide knowledge management and team building.


Undergraduate degree in law, economics, business, international relations or related fields. Graduate degree a plus but not required.
3-5 years of working experience in investments, law, operations, compliance, reporting and data management, and/or international development.
Experience in investment fund operations, process/systems management and delivery, and investor relations preferred.
Understanding of financial services, venture capital and private equity, technology, emerging markets, and impact investing.
Understanding of finance and finance concepts (e.g., IRR, investment terms, etc.) preferred.
Proficiency with Excel, PowerPoint, Word (formatting) required and familiarity with Salesforce, and cloud-based file management systems (e.g., Box, Dropbox) preferred.
Outgoing and personable with strong communications skills.
Commitment to detail and quality control.
Ability and motivation to problem solve and trouble shoot.
Ability to handle pressure, meet deliverable deadlines, and make good decisions in a fast-paced and high pressure environment with competing priorities.
Strong motivation to support an organization with a social mission and desire to be part of hardworking and passionate team.

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Quona Capital

Quona Capital is the largest venture capital investment firm dedicated to promoting “fintech for inclusion” in emerging markets. We invest in scale-up stage financial technology companies in emerging markets. The firm was formed with a simple idea: technology has the power to radically improve the quality, access and affordability of financial services for underserved consumers and businesses. We invest in disruptive innovations to create a more financially inclusive world. Our work is focused on specific markets in Latin America, Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and leverages a strategic relationship with Accion International, a global leader in financial inclusion.
Quona was established in 2015 and today operates with USD 250 million in assets under management (AUM), 20+ investments across three portfolios, and a global team operating in Washington, DC and the markets in which we invest.

To learn more, check out our portfolio companies and meet the team at