As part of the GIIN’s mission to accelerate the scale and effectiveness of impact investing, we publish job openings from members of the GIIN Investors’ Council and other impact investing leaders.

Project Leader

at Tri-Sector Associates in Singapore

About the Job

We are looking for a mission-oriented, driven, and entrepreneurial Project Leader to join our offices in Singapore. This is an opportunity to be a key member building a unique non-profit startup that could transform the way social problems are solved across the Asia-Pacific.

We believe strongly in hiring the right people and then giving them maximum autonomy to further our collective mission. A Project Leader is a project-level entrepreneur and tri-sector athlete. You will have the ability to walk between the people, public, and private sectors, translating between different worlds and finding new levers to create systemic change. You will then have the creativity and grit to overcome obstacles in making that change a reality. Amongst your core responsibilities will be:

1. Leading client engagements focused on executing innovative Pay For Success projects, outcomes-oriented contracts, and data analytics engagements for social good, such as by conducting:
a. Due diligence on non-profit and social enterprise service providers
b. Quantitative and qualitative research on social issues, service gaps, and other items necessary to improve funding effectiveness
c. Financial and economic modeling to estimate the impact of interventions to government and society
d. Multi-stakeholder negotiations on deal structures and investment terms to launch specific Pay For Success projects

2. Creating new opportunities by building long-term relationships with existing clients and helping to find new ones, including:
a. Understanding the most significant challenges of leading social impact organizations around the Asia-Pacific
b. Breaking new ground in solving these challenges by applying the latest tools from impact investing and data analytics
c. Scoping and writing proposals for client engagements

3. Executing firm-building initiatives that play a critical role in helping the firm deliver its mission in a sustainable and scalable way, such as by:
a. Developing internal firm systems
b. Refining firm intellectual property and marketing materials
c. Assisting in board and funder relations

4. Managing and Mentoring team members to continuously raise the bar of our organization’s skills and reinforce our collaborative working culture.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to be the primary point of contact for senior clients and to represent the firm at thought leadership opportunities around the region.

This role is a full-time position based in Singapore, with a target start date of May – Jun 2019. On average, our teams travel about once a month. We support flexible working arrangements that enable our team members to deliver their best work.


The skills and competencies for the Project Leader role reflect the nature of our work, which is analytical, collaborative, and challenging. Successful Project Leaders are self-starters who possess the following skills and competencies:

• Driving passion for systems-level social change and tackling the root causes of social problems
• Excellent ability to solve problems by distilling the problem scope, structuring research approaches, gathering data, conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses using Excel and Powerpoint, and ensuring deliverable quality
• Strong project management and client management skills to efficiently execute multiple complex workstreams in a fast-paced setting
• Ability to translate across fields, communicate complex ideas, and influence clients from different sectors at a senior level
• Entrepreneurial temperament and excitement about a flat, “all hands-on-deck” environment
• Sense of humour, intellectual curiosity, and humility in seeking continuous improvement in themselves, our organization, and the impact we create
The following attributes would be an advantage:
• Prior project and client management experience, especially in delivering professional services engagements
• Econometric or statistical training, including proficiency in data analysis tools such as Stata, Matlab, R, or Python
• Existing relationships with potential government or multilateral clients in Singapore, ASEAN or East Asia
• Business language skills in Mandarin, Cantonese, or Bahasa
• Prior social sector experience
• Prior fundraising experience with leading philanthropies in the Asia-Pacific
• Legal training, especially in corporate and/or contract law

Candidates with these skills will typically have had 3-5 years of experience in a fast-paced professional setting such as investment banking or management consulting. However, we believe that there are a diversity of settings where these skills can be developed, and are open to considering candidates from different backgrounds.

To apply

To apply, please submit your resume together with answers to the following questions. Please note and respect the stated word limits for each question.
1. What draws you to our work? (200 words)
2. If you could choose one issue area to do a PFS project in, which would you choose and why? (200 words)
3. What 3 key obstacles do you see to creating the PFS project in your selected issue, and how would you mitigate or overcome these obstacles? (200 words)
Candidates may submit their applications to, subject line Project Leader – Singapore. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Tri-Sector Associates

Tri Sector Associates is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to maximize the impact of social spending. We do so by helping governments, philanthropies and private funders across the Asia Pacific deploy a model called Pay For Success – a unique combination of data analytics, impact investing, and tri-sector collaboration that re-writes the book on how we enable effective social innovation.

The Pay For Success model rewards outcomes instead of inputs or outputs. Here’s how it works.
• First, private investors invest in a promising non-profit program.
• Next, the long-term outcomes of the program are rigorously measured by a third-party evaluator.
• Finally, if and only if the specified outcomes are achieved, then the government repays private funders their capital.

This delivers benefits to each sector: government only funds what works; non-profits have the chance to test new bottom-up solutions; and private funders deploy their capital in a catalytic fashion to stimulate change.

Our collaborators, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc, are a leading US firm in launching Pay For Success projects, with over 40 engagements to date that are shifting hundreds of millions of dollars into evidence-driven feedback loops.

We are proudly supported by leading venture philanthropists, the Singtel Future Makers accelerator program, the Philip Yeo Initiative, and the Economic Development Board. By combining the best of global IP and local knowledge, we aim to ignite a profound systems-change that will measurably improve the lives of those in need across the Asia Pacific.