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Enterprise for Development (EfD) - Executive Manager

at AgDevCo in London

About the Job

Enterprise for Development (EfD) provides grants to support development of early stage social enterprises whose objective is to generate improvements in people’s lives using socially and financially sustainable business models. EfD’s work is focused in sub-Saharan Africa, especially in East Africa, with sector focuses on improving health outcomes especially of those on low incomes and improving the incomes of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and smallholder farmers. It identifies, screens and selectively supports enterprises judged to be capable of delivering the desired improved outcomes on a sustainable basis, giving priority to opportunities that have potential to scale up existing businesses and/or provide models that can be replicated elsewhere by others. EfD is willing to support for-profit as well as not-for-profit enterprises so long as the support results in wider public benefits.

Examples of support currently provided by EfD are set out briefly on the website. They include support for Jacaranda Health, an early-stage enterprise which has successfully developed highly rated services that have achieved major improvements in healthcare outcomes for mothers and babies, before during and after childbirth; Penda Health, the highly successful early stage enterprise that is delivering affordable high-quality primary health care services for families on low incomes in Nairobi; and Apollo Agriculture, an early-stage enterprise that is developing information and delivery systems capable of improving the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers and scaling up the benefits by increasing access to funding for inputs e.g. improved seeds, fertiliser, etc.
EfD is a very small organisation which makes approximately two new grants per annum (after screening many more opportunities). It currently borrows space from AgDevCo in Peer House, close to Chancery Lane tube station, but the Executive Manager and Administrator work largely remotely in close collaboration with the founder/Chair of Trustees, Keith Palmer. The Executive Manager reports to the Chair and through him to the board of Trustees. He/she is supported by a panel of experts chosen for their expertise in health or agriculture.
EfD is well-funded for the medium term and the near-term priority is to devise and implement an appropriate strategy to deliver maximum benefits with available funds.

The Executive Manager will:
„ Working with the Chair take responsibility for identifying and screening new opportunities and preparing proposals for new grant funding for consideration by EfD Trustees.
„ Ensuring that beneficiaries of EfD support comply with the terms and conditions of grant agreements and that they are acting to achieve the desired outcomes agreed with EfD.
„ Networking with other organisations (in Africa and elsewhere) with a similar mission to explore opportunities for collaboration for mutual benefit e.g. by co-funding opportunities.
„ Helping the Chair develop and disseminate improved information about lessons learned from EfD’s activities including developing and updating web content.
„ Working with the Chair and Trustees to further refine and, in due course, helping implement a medium-term strategy for EfD that takes account of the experience of the last 4 years and achieves an appropriate balance between agriculture and health improvement and between further support for existing initiatives and new initiatives.
This role will be carried out c50% of the time but there is an opportunity for this to be full-time in the first year if the appointee has the ability and interest to also perform Administrative duties.
The appointment will be for a fixed two year term with the possibility of further renewal beyond the initial contract period.


Essential and desirable attributes and experience
„ Genuine interest in, and enthusiasm for, the work in which EfD is engaged.
„ An Honours degree in an appropriate subject and some relevant experience of the issues involved in social investment and/or health and agriculture in developing countries.
„ A self-starter, well organised, energetic and able to work with limited input from the Chair.
„ Access to online academic resources and the ability to abstract, manipulate and draw conclusions from data generated from a wide range of sources.
„ Having evaluated social investment proposals especially in developing countries.


Established in 2009, AgDevCo is a social impact investor and project developer operating exclusively in the agriculture sector in Africa. Our mission is to reduce poverty and improve food security. We do this by investing in farming, food processing and marketing enterprises, which have the potential to make a major positive social impact. We also provide technical support and specialist agricultural advice to management teams. Over the past five years, AgDevCo has grown to become a leading investor in the African SME agriculture sector, with headquarters in London and offices in Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia and Uganda. We have committed over $75 million in 50 companies since our inception.