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Summer Manager

at Third Sector Capital Partners in Boston, MA USA

About the Job

We are looking for a highly driven, entrepreneurial, passionate, and rigorous MBA, JD, or MPA student to join our fast-paced, innovative, and growing team. You will work closely with Managing Directors, Directors, Managers, and Associates providing support on client engagements. You may be given the opportunity to lead and support special projects and initiatives that play a critical role in the firm’s growth.

Your primary responsibility will be to support Managers and Directors in project managing and delivering on client engagements focused on executing new Pay-for-Success (PFS) or outcomes-oriented contracts. Engagements may include beneficiary population analysis, government funding stream identification and analysis, data access analysis, economic modeling, readiness assessments, provider analysis, and contract and funding negotiations. Teams travel to client sites on average every other month, and collaborate closely with clients, data partners, and a variety of stakeholders committed to improving lives through social outcomes measurement.

The Summer Manager position will provide compensation commensurate with experience for a 10-week internship. Depending on your performance and Third Sector’s needs, there may be the opportunity for full time employment.


The skills and competencies for the Summer Manager role reflect the nature of our work, which is analytical, collaborative, and challenging. Successful Summer Managers are creative self-starters who consistently produce client-ready content; are committed to their own learning and growth; and possess the following skills and competencies:
1. Research, Data Gathering, and Critical Thinking: An ability to independently design and conduct research, gather data, structure quantitative (primarily in Excel-based models) and qualitative analyses, and draw actionable recommendations.
2. Written and Verbal Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills with an ability to create original written content (email, PowerPoint, memos) and deliver verbal presentations in multiple settings.
3. Ownership and Project Management: Supports project leads on project management activities, with the ability to independently manage one or more project work streams.
4. Creativity, Initiative, and Thought Leadership: Exhibits strong problem-solving skills and proactively contributes to expanding Third Sector’s business and industry knowledge base.

To apply

Third Sector’s hiring process is rigorous and may be different from hiring practices you have encountered before. We practice “blind recruitment” as part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to overcome unconscious biases that emerge through traditional résumé reviews. We focus on each candidate’s demonstrated fit to preclude unconscious biases (that emerge from knowledge of a candidate’s educational background, ethnicity, gender, or other attributes) from influencing initial screening. In practice, this means:

  • We will only ask for your résumé during the final round interview.
  • We will not ask for a traditional cover letter.
  • We will only ask for relevant, de-identified work experience during the application process.

We evaluate candidates primarily through exercises and cases. This method serves a dual purpose of providing candidates with a taste our work and our recruitment team with insight into whether a candidate possesses the skills and competencies that are a prerequisite to success in our firm.

Our hiring process includes these steps:
1. Short written application for initial screening
2. 25-minute case interview by phone to assess critical thinking skills
3. A written case followed by a 50-minute phone interview to assess critical thinking and client management skills
4. 50-minute final interview to assess project management skills and culture fit
5. Offer issued

We are committed to transparency throughout this process. We understand interviewing can be stressful and aim to minimize that stress and uncertainty. To give you a sense of timing, steps two through six above typically take five to seven weeks.

We do not accept cover letters as part of our hiring process, nor do we accept résumés until right before the final interview (step four above). Any attempts to submit those documents through alternative channels will disqualify you as a candidate. Instead, we request that you answer the following application questions. Please note and respect the stated word limits for each question.

1. What draws you to our work? (200 words)
2. You are in Sacramento, CA and walk into an elevator with the Governor’s Chief of Staff. You have been trying to get on the Governor’s calendar for months to pitch PFS in California and are thrilled about this opportunity. You have thirty seconds to explain PFS and why it matters. Lay out your PFS elevator pitch. (100 words)
3. What are three risks that could prevent wide adoption of PFS and outcomes-oriented contracting in the United States? What could mitigate those risks? (250 words)
4. If you could choose one social outcome to change, which would you choose and why? (150 words)
5. What would you do in the following case? Please first describe your approach and rationale, and then draft a sample email to the client (250 words):
a. Your project is at a critical juncture to choose the social outcomes that a new outcomes-oriented contract will address.
b. This will be a difficult choice and you need all the key client stakeholders in the room at a Steering Committee meeting.
c. To complete the project on time, the meeting needs to occur two weeks from now. You have sent the client two emails within the past week asking to finalize the Steering Committee meeting day and have received no response.
d. You need to make travel plans soon or risk higher ticket and hotel costs and to finalize meeting attendees and logistics.
6. Please list accomplishments and skills gained from your work experiences and internships that you believe are relevant to the role. We find candidates prefer to simply copy relevant content from their résumé and “de-identify” it; please remove all names of and references to past and current employers, schools, clients, and any other identifying information that in your judgement would compromise our blind recruitment policy. (500 words)
7. How did you hear about this opportunity? (No word limit)

Applications will be accepted until January 29, 2018 at 5 pm Pacific. Candidates may submit their applications at Please label your file (in PDF form) "first name last name summer manager 2018"

Third Sector Capital Partners

Third Sector is a nonprofit consulting firm that advises governments, community organizations, and funders on how to unlock innovation to solve pressing challenges such as economic mobility for all and the well-being of our children. Since 2011, we have helped over 40 communities across the United States implement increasingly effective government that is more transparent with taxpayer dollars. Together with our partners, we have transitioned hundreds of millions of dollars in public funding to programs that measurably improve lives. Our proven approach is to collaborate with our clients and stakeholders to define impact, draw actionable insights from data, and drive resources towards outcomes-oriented government. Our team of more than 40 works out of offices in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Our core values are Respect, Rigor, Resourcefulness, Results, and Reflection, and they form the foundation of our firm culture. Third Sector’s leadership is deeply committed to building a culture that delivers professional growth through challenging work, honest and direct 360-degree feedback, and a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. This culture is underpinned by a deep and shared passion for improving the lives of vulnerable people through systems change. Successful team members are naturally aligned with our core values and mission, and possess these skills and competencies:
1. Active Listening and Inclusion: An ability to listen with an open mind and a deep commitment to respecting diverse viewpoints.
2. Learning Mindset: A desire for continuous improvement and a foundation of self-awareness that provides space for learning and growth.