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Data and Insights Manager

at Social Finance in London,UK

About the Job

You will work closely with social change innovators, thought-leaders, data-scientists, and social issue experts to design and deliver data and analysis solutions that enable public and social sector decision-makers to provide better support to those who need it most.

Our work is at the heart of the issues facing data and society: How should government use data science to support its citizens? How should analysis be conducted to avoid introducing ethical, social, or cultural bias? And, how should government balance privacy concerns with the need to protect vulnerable people? You can find out more about our work on our website: www.socialfinance.org.uk & www.sfdl.org.uk.

You will work with our partners and Social Finance teams to shape project and product vision and strategy. You will manage projects from initial idea to delivering insights that result in improved services.

  • Deliver Impact: Lead data-focused projects or products that enable our partners to more effectively use data and analyses to improve decision-making and explain our approach and insights to stakeholders and partners.
  • Empower our Partners: Work closely with government and social organisations to understand their needs and challenges related to data and analysis and translate them into impactful products and services.
  • Refine and implement our strategy: Work with the senior team to shape the data strategy and the data roadmap for projects and products across our teams – health and social care, government, charities and Digital Labs.
  • Help build the business: Develop our data science offer for government agencies and service delivery organisations by identifying exciting opportunities and building products and services that enable our partners to use data and analytics to better address social problems.
  • Manage a cross-functional team: Be able to work with and get the best from a diverse team of data scientists, consultants, product managers, developers, and policy advisors.


We are looking for someone that brings a passion for social change and the ability to take ideas and problems and develop these into insights that improve decision-making.

  • 6+ years leading data-focused projects and/or products (i.e. data science, statistics, machine learning)
  • Worked in data intensive sectors such as public policy, technology, consulting or academia.
  • Experience managing projects with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Self-motivated and focused on delivering outcomes and enabling social change.
  • Deep curiosity for learning about the world of social services.

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Social Finance

Social Finance is a not for profit organisation working in partnership with government, the social sector and the financial community to enable sustainable social impact at scale. We are a leading social investment intermediary and a centre of innovation in addressing social issues in the UK and beyond.

Social Finance has grown from 2 to 65 people over the past 8 years.

Our teams work with Central Government departments, Local Authorities, NHS organisations, Global Development Organisations, Charities, Social Enterprises, Charitable Foundations and Investors. Social Finance brings together deep understanding of a range of complex social issues with financial and analytical rigour to develop sustainable funding models which drive social change. Some of the areas we have worked in include improving end of life care, developing more community focused social care, financial inclusion, affordable housing, recidivism, domestic abuse, loneliness and children in or at risk of entering care. Our work in international development has included neglected tropical diseases, HIV, education and employment.

What are our goals and our values?

1. Achieving social impact and embedding change is at the heart of what we do.
2. We look for social impact first – our models are driven by social and then financial, returns.
3. We don’t just think, we put our work into practice, with a drive to action and implementation.
4. We apply financial and analytical tools to deliver sustainable social impact at scale.
More information can be found on our website www.socialfinance.org.uk.