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Ethiopia Innovations Associate/Manager

at One Acre Fund in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

About the Job

Exceptional individual to lead key agricultural innovations and operations to generate impact for large populations of rural families in Ethiopia.

Job Location
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

Minimum 2 years commitment, full-time job.

Job Description
There are more farm families in Ethiopia than in any other country in East Africa. To generate positive change in this critical market, we need exceptional managers to identify opportunities for impact, create and refine products and services, design and implement trials, and scale proven interventions. Our goal is to generate impact for hundreds of thousands of families. To realize these goals, we need ambitious, creative, and dedicated individuals to lead this work.

Key responsibilities and skills will include:

  • Lead Agricultural Innovation: You will work with organizational leadership and our local partners to identify, prioritize, and select investments to pursue to generate impact for rural families. Most investments will relate to agriculture as this is the primary income generating activity for most families, and you will lead a team in quantifying the potential impact of agricultural innovations and opportunities.
  • Drive Excellent Execution: You’ll lead the team that is ultimately responsible for the timely implementation of trials and programs. You exemplify our belief in putting Farmers First by determining and implementing methods to deliver on plans and keep our program growing in scale and impact from season to season. You’ll systematically review what works, what doesn’t and how to integrate this knowledge into a continually improving program. This will include contributing to developing our overall growth strategy and adjusting the design of operations to maximize our impact.
  • Manage Key Relationships: You will lead staff who are responsible for managing relationships with local government partners. Cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with key partners will be critical to our long-term success.
  • Team Leadership and Staff Development: You’re passionate about people development. To select the most promising opportunities and scale operations, you will need to build an excellent team. You’ll plan and oversee teambuilding, ensure accountability, and find creative ways to inspire and unite a large team. You’ll establish and cultivate strong relationships to ensure that all staff can maximize their career performance and job satisfaction as part of the One Acre Fund family. You’ll epitomize One Acre Fund’s value of being a family of leaders by systematically ensuring that everyone is continually mentored, challenged, and supported by the organization.

Preferred Start Date

Starts modest. However, this is a career-track role with fast raises for performance, paying a meaningful salary for long-term placement in developing nations.

Health insurance, immunizations, flight, room and board.

Sponsor International Candidates
East Africans strongly encouraged to apply.


We are seeking 5+ years of work experience and ideally a demonstrated passion for international development. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Strong work experiences. Examples include a demanding professional work experience or successful entrepreneurial experience (e.g. starting a business, running an agricultural research station, developing a program from scratch, etc.)
  • Leadership or management experience at work, or outside of work.
  • Experience working in rural communities preferred
  • Knowledge of trial design and/or agronomic concepts strongly preferred but not absolutely necessary
  • A proven passion for developing the skills and leadership capacity of others.
  • Experience managing multiple projects and the deliverables of others.
  • Top-performing academic background (include GPA on your resume); agriculture-related degree preferred but not required.
  • Humility. We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service to join our growing family of leaders.
  • Language: English required

To apply

Apply online – http://grnh.se/e4jl3y

One Acre Fund

More than 75% of the world's poor are smallholder farmers, representing the largest and most uniform group of poor people in the world. Serving farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania, One Acre Fund is a growing social enterprise that is innovating a new way of helping farm families to achieve their full potential. Instead of giving handouts, One Acre Fund invests in farmers to generate a permanent gain in farm income. We provide farmers with a complete "service bundle" that includes financing for seed and fertilizer, delivery, training, and market facilitation to maximize profits from harvest sales. Our program is proven impactful: on average, farmers working with One Acre Fund realize a 50%+ increase in crop yields in a single season, giving them a surplus harvest they can sell to make other investments. We measure success in our ability to make farmers more prosperous and we have laser-like focus on generating better lives for the people that we serve.