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Investment Director, SE Asia

at SEAF in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

About the Job

The SEAF Investment Director in Vietnam is principally responsible for sourcing, screening, evaluating, structuring, closing, monitoring and supporting equity and quasi-equity investments for SEAF in Vietnam. The ID will also be responsible for (1) managing the day-to-day activity of the SEAF Vietnam team, (2) conducting or assisting with due diligence on potential investments by SEAF in the Philippines and Indonesia, and (3) assisting the regional Managing Director (MD) with business development and fund raising in SE Asia.

Under the support of the MD, the Investment Director is responsible for the following activities:

Sourcing and Screening Potential Investments

  • Sourcing deals for SEAF through external networking, desktop research, etc.
  • Screening potential SEAF investments for further due diligence based, first, on SEAF’s objective criteria (both financial and impact), and second, based on initial meetings, phone calls, desktop research, business plans and internal SEAF meetings;
  • Preparing one-pagers or snapshots recommending for approval for those deals recommended for due diligence;
  • Maintaining a pipeline document of potential investments.

Due Diligence

  • Understanding the market in which a potential investment is operating in, and its relative position, taking into account trends, key success factors, competitive advantage, product offerings and pricing, geography, sales policy and strategy.
  • Assessing the financial strength and risks of potential investments, conducting full analyses of the financial statements and schedules, evaluating financial management capabilities and developing financial projection excel models based on realistic assumptions and with several risk scenarios;
  • Evaluating the operational capabilities of potential investments, including management capabilities, management information systems, human resource management, supply and distribution and other operational aspects of the SME;
  • Assessing the legal underpinnings of a potential investment, including corporate existence, shareholders and their rights, material contracts and agreements, asset ownership and rights, and entrepreneur due diligence;
  • Conducting any other due diligence required to ensure potential investments of SEAF are thoroughly vetted for Investment Committee approval.

Deal Structuring, Closing and Approval

  • Conducting valuations, both pre-due diligence and post-due diligence, of proposed investments based on the SEAF’s governance and standard valuation techniques;
  • Developing and recommending deal structures for Fund investments, taking into account the Fund’s objectives and the risk profiles of potential investments;
  • Developing and presenting professional investment proposals for investments to be proposed to the SEAF’s Investment Committee as per SEAF’s governance guidelines.

Post-Investment Supervision and Support

  • Establishing, maintaining and executing an efficient investment supervision protocol, which is to include the collection and analysis of investee financial and non-financial reports, site visits and phone calls and market-place intelligence;
  • Recommending and executing action required related to ensure investee performance;
  • Leading the valuation of portfolio investees as per SEAF’s governance policy;
  • Preparing portfolio reports for the SEAF;
  • Leading the assessment of investee needs, both pre-money and post-money, for which SEAF could provide added value technical assistance;
  • Tracking the social and environmental impact performance of all investees, including developing impact stories of select investees;
  • Conducting any other post-investment activity required for a healthy SEAF portfolio.

Fund Raising and Business Development
Assisting the MD with the following:

  • Developing and implementing SEAF’s SE Asia business development strategy;
  • Identifying potential investors for proposed SEAF funds in the region through desktop research, networking, etc.;
  • Developing pitch materials and data room material for prospective SEAF funds;
  • Meeting with potential investors for prospective SEAF funds;
  • Conducting other activities related to SEAF business development for SE Asia.

Other Responsibilities

  • Representing SEAF on a day-to-day basis in Vietnam;
  • Managing the SEAF Vietnam team activities on a day-to-day basis;
  • Assisting with budget development for SEAF SE Asia operations;
  • Supporting the further development of the SEAF Vietnam team.


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • At least five years of comparable experience and/or management consulting;
  • A four year university degree, preferably with an MBA or CFA;
  • Ability to develop financial projection models;
  • Fluency in Vietnamese and English, both written and verbal;
  • Ability to travel extensively;
  • Full proficiency in Microsoft Office suite;
  • Strong references from supervisors familiar with candidates’ work

To apply

Candidates should submit a CV and cover letter to Thuy.Le@seaf.com.


SEAF is a global impact investment fund manager seeking to deliver financial returns and social and environmental impact for its investors. SEAF has had 35 impact funds in 27 countries in 28 years. In SE Asia, SEAF is currently managing one fund, and it is launching a pilot initiative to invest in women-led businesses in Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. SEAF is also looking to expand its market presence in SE Asia.