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Summer MBA Programme: Spend Two-Weeks Immersed in a Zambian Tech Start-Up

at The Baobab Network in Lusaka, Zambia

About the Job

The Baobab Network is a social enterprise with a fresh outlook on social and economic development. We offer world class strategy consulting services to high potential, socially focused start-up companies in Sub Saharan Africa.

The businesses we work with are all for profit, and we believe that if they scale and secure investment, they can go on to have incredible impact on their customers and in their markets. We work with entrepreneurs that are using new technology and innovation to solve problems in the region that have been around for years.

We recruit top tier professionals that have worked in consulting, impact investing, finance, tech or big business and place them into high potential start-up companies for two week periods.

Our teams then deliver vital strategy work that helps companies scale and crucially, become more attractive to Angel, VC and Impact Investors active in the region.

In July, we are running our first programme specifically designed for MBA students. We are offering individuals that are about to start Business School, are in the middle of their MBA programmes or have just graduated a chance to spend two weeks immersed in a Zambian start-up. This is a unique opportunity to build on the skills learnt whilst studying and further differentiate your CV, helping to shape the future strategy of an early stage company in an emerging market.

Programmes cost £2,000 for the two weeks. This fee includes your accommodation, business visa, travel in country and breakfast. You’ll need to arrange your own flights and travel insurance for the trip. Please note this is a programme fee to be paid to The Baobab Network, this is not a salaried role.

For more information or to get in touch with the team, please visit www.thebaobabnetwork.com.

Good luck!


2+ years experience in finance, impact investing, venture capital, big business or tech

Accepted onto an MBA programme, in the middle of an MBA programme, or just graduated from MBA school

A flair for entrepreneurship

A passion for private sector development in Sub Saharan Africa

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The Baobab Network

The Baobab Network takes teams of business experts to exciting cities across Africa for two week periods to deliver strategy projects that help the region’s most exciting start-up companies grow.

There is a huge need for strategic support amongst Africa’s start up ecosystem, as entrepreneurs begin to scale their ideas and secure key funding rounds.

We focus our project work on high potential early stage companies that are innovating in the Finance, Education, Healthcare, Energy and Agri sectors and work with companies that are actively seeking a funding round.